Reading group


Wednesday 9th November, 16:00-18:00, Media Research Building 34
Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari – Geology of Morals (Excerpt from A Thousand Plateaus)
Sarah Kember and Joanna Zylinska – Life After New Media (Chapter 1)
Speculative Before the Turn: Reintroducing Feminist Materialist Performativity- Cecilia Åsberg, Kathrin Thiele, Iris van der Tuin


Friday 14th October, 13:00-15:00, Media Research Building 34
Jonathan Sterne – The Audible Past (Intro)
Wolfgang Ernst – Chronopoetics of Techno-Archival Memory
Jussi Parikka – A Geology of Media (Chapter 1: Materiality)


Friday 23rd September 2016, 14:00-16:00, Media Research Building 15
Donna Haraway – Tentacular Thinking: Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Chthulucene (excerpt)
Siegfried Zielinski – Deep Time of the Media (Intro & Conclusion)

BORDER AS METHOD 2: Towards a new approach
Tuesday 31st May, 16:30-18:30, room 302 Professor Stuart Hall Building
Sandro Mezzadra / Brett Neilson – Border as Method, or, the Multiplication of Labor
Akhil Gupta / James Ferguson – Beyond “Culture”: Space, Identity, and the Politics of Difference
Jacques Derrida – Step of Hospitality / No Hospitality

BORDER AS METHOD 1: Establishing a formal vocabulary
Tuesday 24th May, 16:30-18:30, room 302 Professor Stuart Hall Building
Noel Burch – Nana, Or The Two Kinds of Space
Stephen Heath – Narrative Space
Rudolf Arnheim – Film and Reality
Michel Foucault – Of Other Spaces


Wednesday 24th Feb 2pm, Media Research Building 12, 2-4pm
McKenzie Wark – The Vectoralist Class, Part Two
Judy Wajcman – High-Speed Society: Is the Pace of Life Accelerating?
Patricia Reed – Reorientate, Eccentricate, Speculate, Fictionalize, Geo metricize, Commonize, Abstractify: Seven Prescription’s for Accelerationism


Monday 8th Feb 2pm, Media Research Building 12, 2-4pm
Alondra Nelson – Future Texts An Introduction
Steven Shaviro – Accelerationist Aesthetics: Necessary Inefficiency in Times of Real Subsumption
Benjamin Noys – Cybernetic Phuturism: The Politics of Acceleration
Further reading:
Jonathan Crary – Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep
Nina Power – Decapitalism, Left Scarcity, and the State
Robin Mackay + Armen Avanessian – #ACCELERATE: The Accelerationist Reader Introduction
Alondra Nelson – Afrofuturism: Past Future Visions
Laboria Cuboniks – Xenofeminism A Politics for Alienation 
McKenzie Wark – #Celerity: A Critique of the Manifesto for an Accelerationist Politics
S.C. Hickman – Techno-Futurism: Noise, Dissonance, and the Global Avante Garde


Friday 4th December, Media Research Building 12, 2-4pm
Mary Ann Doane – Temporality, storage, legibility: Freud, Marey. and the Cinema
Paolo Virno – Déjà Vu and the End of History


30th October, Media Research Building 12, 2-4pm
Laura U. Marks – Video Haptics and Erotics
Jacques Ranciere – Distribution of the sensible
Further reading:
Giuliana Bruno – Surface, Texture, Weave The Fashion World of Wong Kar-wai
Vivian Sobchack – Introduction and First Chapter to Carnal Thoughts: Embodiment and Moving Image Culture
Jacques Ranciere – Pedro Costa’s Politics
Jacques Ranciere – The Paradoxes of Political Art


9th October, Media Research Building 12, 2-4pm, Goldsmiths
Stuart Hall – On Representation
Maurizio Lazzarato – Conflict and Sign System
Further reading
Raymond Williams Keywords
Teresa De Lauretis – The Violence of Rhetoric Considerations on Representation and Gender
Gilles Deleuze – Difference and Repetition Introduction
Friedrich Nietzsche – On Truth and Lie in an Extramoral Sense
Jacques Derrida – Sending / On Representation
Bell Hooks The Oppositional Gaze Black Female Spectators
Fredric Jameson – Cognitive Mapping
Shanara Reid Brinkley – The Essence of Res(ex)pectability Black Womens Negotiation of Black Femininity in Rap Music and Music Video
Michel Foucault – The Order of Things: Representing
Craig Owens – The Discourse of Others: Feminists and Postmodernism
Cahiers du Cinema Vol 3 1969-1972 The Politics of Representation